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Infectious Disease Cleanup Services

Infectious diseases such as Staph, C. Diff, and MRSA (a drug resistant strain of Staph) among others are very serious, highly contagious and easily transmittable between humans. An infectious disease is classified as bacteria, virus or other organism that, if a person comes in contact with, inhales or ingests, will cause them harm, possibly even death.

Proper decontamination can be very difficult as there is no way of knowing where the bacteria or virus might be. Once an area has been contaminated, it becomes imperative to hire a professional biohazard company with the right knowledge, training, chemicals and safety gear to handle cleanup of infectious diseases. Improper cleaning techniques as well as ineffective disinfectants will only spread the germs around, cross contaminating a larger area. Attempting the cleanup yourself, or with other friends and family places the health of all who are involved at great risk of contracting the disease.

How Much Does It Cost?

Infectious Disease Clean Up is covered by most Home Owners Insurance Policies, depending on the circumstances and the insurance policy itself. We are happy to assist you by filing a claim on your behalf, and will include an inventory of items that we had to dispose of or were not able to recover due to disease contamination.

If you do not have insurance, or your insurance policy does not provide this type of coverage, we will work with you on pricing and payment. Keeping you safe and providing you the help you need is our top priority.

Why Choose Bio Solutions Tennessee

Bio Solutions Tennessee uses specially formulated, hospital grade, and eco friendly chemicals that are safe to use in any environment. Bio Solutions Tennessee’s vast experience, tools and training is the reason we are the most reputable Infectious Disease Cleanup Company in East Tennessee.

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