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Knoxville Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

Removing the smell of cigarette smoke out of a Knoxville home, vehicle, office, or boat can seem like an impossible task. With Bio Solutions Tennessee on the job, though, we make the process as easy as can be.

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    Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

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Professional cigarette odor removal throughout East Tennessee

Bio Solutions Tennessee has the vast experience, tools, and eco-friendly cigarette odor removal techniques to make sure the cigarette residue is not only removed but the odor is permanently eliminated as well. Working throughout Knoxville and East Tennessee, we work hard to make sure the odor is truly gone, leaving behind a pleasant place to live and work.

For anyone not experienced in cigarette smoke removal, cleaning out the smoke residue absorbed into every nook and cranny then eliminating the odor itself is time consuming and extremely difficult. Save yourself the ordeal and effort by relying on our team of professional odor removers. We’ll create a fresh and clean environment.

Cigarette Smoke Odor Elimination

Cigarette Smoke RemovalThe odor from cigarette smoke and tobacco is a product of the resulting sticky residue that coats everything in the environment: fabric, leather, drywall, furniture, etc. This residue forms a thin film on all porous and non-porous items then constantly releases a distinctive and unpleasant smell. The longer the residues exist without being thoroughly cleaned, the more difficult the smell is to get rid of. Exposed to moisture, light, and warmth, bacteria grow on the residue over time and help it to oxidize and degrade, making the smoke odor even worse than it was before.

Because the smoke and tobacco molecules coat everywhere air can go, including all those tiny nooks and crannies, traditional cleaning of wiping things down and washing fabric won’t permanently eliminate the odor. You also need to clean out the vents, air returns, and the tiny crevices smoke has found its way into. To tackle this problem and provide an easy solution, Bio Solutions Tennessee utilizes a specially formulated odor removal process for cigarette smoke designed to not only reach all the small areas but to eliminate the odor emanating from them as well.

Bio Solutions Tennessee cigarette odor removal process
Before an odor can be permanently removed, the source of where the odor is coming from must first be identified and cleaned. In the case of cigarette smoke, common areas that can’t simply be thrown in a washer or wiped down include the flooring, pad, trim, and drywall. After these have been assessed and remediated, we’ll then asses the remaining odor problem and determine which removal process (tools and techniques) will provide best results for your specific space.

Always there with our owner onsite throughout the entire process, we’ll be there to answer any questions you have while we give you a fresh start.

Using a proprietary chemical process that quickly and safely eliminates the smell of cigarette smoke, the odor-causing molecules bond to the solution and are absorbed, permanently changing their chemical makeup leaving behind clean smelling spaces.

Why Choose Bio Solutions Tennessee

Bio Solutions Tennessee uses specially formulated, hospital grade, and ecofriendly chemicals that are safe to use in any environment including with your children, pets, and electronics. Bio Solutions Tennessee’s vast experience, tools and training is the reason we are the most reputable cigarette smoke odor removal cleanup company in East Tennessee. With top-notch service, compassionate staff, and full licensure and certifications, we are here to help you in any way we can.

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