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Biohazard Cleanup Service

Biohazards have special requirements for removal, cleanup, transportation and disposal that only a licensed bio hazard remediation company is able to meet. All biohazards contact types of bacteria and/or viruses that can post serious health risks for family, friends or employees who come into contact with the biohazard. There are multiple bloodborne diseases, illness causing bacteria, and viruses found in blood and other types of bodily fluids that can both live and continue to be contagious outside the body for anywhere from days to weeks.

There are many types of materials that are classified as Bio Hazardous, such as but not limited to blood, urine, feces, semen, vomit, used hypodermic needles, soiled clothing and other personal items.

No matter what the environment, whether it’s your home, workplace, vehicle, boat, etc, safety and protection from exposure should be the number one concern. When bio hazards do not get cleaned appropriately, the bio matter starts to decompose. This likely will result in a strong odor and will likely also attract insects and rodents which will result in spreading of the contamination. Bio Solutions Tennessee will carefully inspect and identify all areas that have become contaminated. Once identified, we will remove all bio hazards and professionally decontaminate the area and eliminate any odor, making it the area clean and safe to be in once again, as if nothing ever happened.

How Much Does It Cost?

Biohazard cleanup is often covered by insurance. The insurance company will pay for our services, as well as replacement carpet and other structural or personal items that were affected. We are happy to assist you by filing a claim on your behalf, and will include an inventory of items that we had to dispose of or were not able to recover due to biohazard contamination.

If applicable, another source for financial assistance is Tennessee’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund.

If eligible, we will be happy to assist by submitting a claim on your behalf.

If you do not have insurance, or your insurance policy does not provide this type of coverage, we will work with you on pricing and payment. Keeping you safe and providing you the help you need is our top priority.

Why Choose Bio Solutions Tennessee

Bio Solutions Tennessee uses specially formulated, hospital grade, and eco friendly chemicals that are safe to use in any environment. Bio Solutions Tennessee’s vast experience, tools and training is the reason we are the most reputable Biohazard Cleanup Company in East Tennessee.

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