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Undiscovered Death and Decomposition Cleanup Service

Finding the body of a family member, friend or loved one is a very emotionally difficult experience, one we wish no one had to experience. Unfortunately, this is an experience that happens all the time. Experiencing this event is difficult enough; don’t traumatize yourself more by attempting to do the cleanup. We are here to help.

Exposure to biohazards and bloodborne pathogens pose a very serious health and safety risk. There are several diseases that can be transmitted through blood and bodily fluids that can be easily contracted while attempting to decontaminate and clean the scene. The most common three diseases are HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Some of these diseases can survive outside the body for days or weeks while remaining contagious. Some diseases don’t show signs or symptoms for years; meaning the victim and victim’s family may have never even known they had the disease. It is critical to have the cleanup performed by certified, licensed and trained professionals to ensure the scene is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

With any undiscovered death or bodily decomposition, the bio matter starts to break down rather quickly. It is important to have the body removed and the area decontaminated as fast as possible. As the body decays, bio matter will begin to seep into furniture, carpet, flooring, and even sub-flooring. A strong odor will develop and begin saturating into anything porous, as well as attract insects and rodents, which will spread the contamination even further. According to OSHA standards, everything affected item must be removed and properly disposed of to prevent any potential for spreading disease.

The longer the body goes undiscovered, the worse the damage can be. In order to remediate the health hazard and the odor, it is very common to remove carpet, padding, subfloor, portions of walls, and any other porous structural or household items. Bio Solutions Tennessee will carefully inspect and identify all areas that have become contaminated. Once identified, we will remove all bio hazards and professionally decontaminate the area and eliminate any odor, making it the area clean and safe to be in once again, as if nothing ever happened.

How Much Does It Cost?

Undiscovered Death and Body Decomposition Cleanup is often covered by insurance. The insurance company will pay for our services, as well as replacement carpet and other structural or personal items that were affected. We are happy to assist you by filing a claim on your behalf, and will include an inventory of items that we had to dispose of or were not able to recover due to biohazard contamination.

If applicable, another source for financial assistance is Tennessee’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund.

If eligible, we will be happy to assist by submitting a claim on your behalf.

If you do not have insurance, or your insurance policy does not provide this type of coverage, we will work with you on pricing and payment. Keeping you safe and providing you the help you need is our top priority.

Why Choose Bio Solutions Tennessee

Bio Solutions Tennessee uses specially formulated, hospital grade, and eco friendly chemicals that are safe to use in any environment. Bio Solutions Tennessee’s vast experience, tools and training is the reason we are the most reputable Undiscovered Death and Decomposition Cleanup Company in East Tennessee.

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